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New Jersey Financial Service Centers is a state trade association representing licensed check cashers across New Jersey providing essential financial products and services to all consumers without discrimination.

The Association is the industry's leading voice on legislative regulatory and business issues and the leading advocate for the rights of consumers to access basic financial services in New Jersey.

NJFSC was originally established in 1979 as the New Jersey Check Cashers Association, but changed its name in 2006 to reflect the evolution of the business.  Since itís inception, NJFSC has been the leading voice on legislative, regulatory and business issues that affect its members and the rights of New Jersey citizens to access basic financial services.  

Services Offered by NJFSC Members

The financial service center industry started as check cashers converting customer paychecks into cash.  Consumers have turned to check cashers for the convenience of immediate access to their wages and other funds. 

In many areas under-served by traditional banks, check cashers have become the primary source of financial services and products in the neighborhoods that they serve.  Over the years, check cashers have broadened their services to include a wide array of other financial services. 

In addition to check cashing, customers now utilize NJFSC members for:

  • money orders

  • money transfers

  • electronic bill payments

  • stored value cards (debit cards) that function as virtual bank accounts

  • electronic funds transfers

  • ATM access

  • government benefit and payroll payments

  • tax preparation

  • public transportation tickets

  • New Jersey lottery tickets

  • stamp sales, and

  • numerous other financial and ancillary services. 

NJFSC customers appreciate that we deliver a broad range of services and products at conveniently located locations and hours of operation throughout New Jersey.  We are proud to offer convenience, service and value Ė and an easy alternative to traditional financial institutions.   

Facts To Know About NJ Check Cashing

PayNet Network

PayNet is a network that uses the infrastructure of licensed check cashing store locations in the tri-state area to connect workers to their pay in neighborhoods near their homes and jobs.

PayNet is a joint venture between leading banks, employers and the financial service center industry to meet a basic need for workers in the region to have quick and convenient access to their pay. For many years, PayNet has provided employers throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut with creative and convenient payroll services, while cashing hundreds of thousands of employee paychecks.

PayNet reduces traffic at banks during busy periods, while it enables employers to offer employees an option to direct deposit. For employees, the service is free and means they have much great flexibility to collect their pay.

PayNet, created in 1994, represents a combined effort of more than 500 licensed check cashing locations in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.  Through PayNet, businesses outsource portions of their payroll services and all of their check cashing requirements. By handling marketing, contracting, administration and billing, PayNet offers a service that links the combined resources of 500 neighborhood financial service centers.  PayNet enrolls employers who would like to offer citywide or regional payroll services to their employees. 

Once an employer joins PayNet, employees can use any of the more than 500 PayNet outlets to cash payroll checks free of charge at locations close to work, home, or anywhere in between. The financial service centers that act as PayNet locations also provide a multitude of transaction-based financial services. In addition to check cashing, customers can buy money orders, send and receive money transfers, and pay bills such as telephone, gas, electric, and cable. Postage stamps, phone cards and transportation fare cards, are also available at select locations.

Learn more about PayNet  

NJFSC Officers
Richard Klein, President
Arthur Roth, Vice President, South Jersey
Irwin Sablosky, Treasurer

NJFSC Board of Directors
Michael J. Avallone
Marc Jacobs
Bart Lockward      
Ronald Seagraves
Alan Udell
Charles K. Green
Jose L. Fernandez, Jr., Past President

NJFSC General Counsel
Scott K. McClain, General Counsel
Gerald Goldman, General Counsel Emeritus

Check Cashers Are Good Bank Customers

Check cashers are successful businesses and partners who distribute financial
services to many under-served communities. 

brochure is designed to acquaint bankers with the check cashing business.
It reviews products and services offered, who check cashing customers are, explaining
that Check Cashers do not launder money, and dispelling other misperceptions about check cashers.