Voice of NJ Check Cashers

NJFSC was originally established in 1979 as the New Jersey Check Cashers Association, but changed its name in 2006 to reflect the evolution of the business.

Since it’s inception, NJFSC has been the leading voice on legislative, regulatory and business issues that affect its members and the rights of New Jersey citizens to access basic financial services.

New Jersey Financial Service Centers is a state trade association representing licensed check cashers across New Jersey providing essential financial products and services to all consumers without discrimination.

The Association is the industry’s leading voice on legislative regulatory and business issues and the leading advocate for the rights of consumers to access basic financial services in New Jersey.

Customers appreciate that we deliver a broad range of services and products at conveniently located locations and hours of operation throughout New Jersey.

We are proud to offer convenience, service and value – and an easy alternative to traditional financial institutions.