moneysignCheck Cashers Offer an Array of Financial Services

The financial service center industry started as check cashers converting customer paychecks into cash. Consumers turn to check cashers for the convenience of immediate access to their wages and other funds.

In many areas under-served by traditional banks, check cashers have become the primary source of financial services and products in the neighborhoods that they serve.

Check cashers offer access to numerous financial services and courteous customer service in local community neighborhoods.

They are a convenient way for customers to convert their paychecks and other checks into cash.

Over the years, check cashers have broadened their services to include a wide array of other financial services.

NJFSC Members Offer Many Services

In addition to check cashing, customers now utilize NJFSC members for:

  • money orders
  • money transfers
  • electronic bill payments
  • stored value cards (debit cards) that function as virtual bank accounts
  • electronic funds transfers
  • ATM access
  • government benefit and payroll payments
  • tax preparation
  • public transportation tickets
  • New Jersey lottery tickets
  • stamp sales, and
  • numerous other financial and ancillary services.

NJFSC customers appreciate that we deliver a broad range of services and products at conveniently located locations and hours of operation throughout New Jersey.  We are proud to offer convenience, service and value – and an easy alternative to traditional financial institutions.