Invitation to Vendors


To Future Associate Members

A Letter from Richard Klein,
NJFSC Chairman


Dear Future NJFSC Associate Member:

I am the President of the New Jersey Financial Service Centers (“NJFSC”), the state association of financial service centers.

I am writing to invite you to become an Associate Member of NJFSC, which consists of many check cashers/financial service centers to which your company provides products and/or services.

Your support to NJFSC as an Associate Member is extremely important to the industry.  Over the years, industry vendors have helped the check cashing industry prosper and were instrumental in guiding our members in their transformation from check cashers to financial service centers.  The support of these vendors has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  In fact, many of our members have patronized those vendors which have supported NJFSC as Associate Members.

The transformation of the industry has not occurred without challenges and obstacles.  For example, the bank discontinuance epidemic has affected adversely many NJFSC members.  Moreover, as you are likely aware, the industry also has been confronted with dramatically increasing costs over the past several years.

In particular, a precipitous increase in operational costs (e.g., compliance, bank service and money delivery charges, and technology upgrades, to name a few) coupled with the gradual decrease in the number checks cashed have significantly impacted NJFSC’s members bottom line.  These challenges make your support as an Associate Member extremely important.

Despite the numerous challenges encountered by the industry, the Association and its members remain firmly committed to working with loyal companies to serve our customers.  As part of that effort, NJFSC recently launched its website which is intended to promote the industry, NJFSC members and vendors.  It is also anticipated that the website will be a valuable tool in the Association’s outreach efforts to non-members.

Today, more than ever before, the support of NJFSC’s membership is vital to the future of the check cashing industry in New Jersey.  NJFSC has responded to the numerous issues confronting the industry by expanding its efforts to address adequately as many of these issues.

One example of this effort is the Association’s undertaking of the intensive and expensive task of making an application to the New Jersey Department of Banking for a fee increase.  A fee increase is vital to sustaining the future of the industry in New Jersey.

I invite you to join NJFSC today and experience first-hand the benefits of Associate Membership. NJFSC’s Associate Membership Program consists of two-tiers: platinum and gold. 

The benefits of platinum membership include:

(1) having your company name appear on the NJFSC stationery;

(2) having a link on the Association’s website to your company’s website; and

(3) access to members twice a year through inclusion of a free-standing promotions piece about your company in an annual membership mailing.

The annual cost of platinum membership is $5,000.

Alternatively, you can opt to become a gold member.  The benefits of gold membership include:

(1) having a listing of your company name with contact information on NJFSC’s website; and

(2) access to members once a year through inclusion of a free-standing promotions piece about your company in an annual membership mailing).

The annual cost of gold membership is $2,500.

The benefits of both platinum and gold membership also include:

(1) access to our membership mailing list,

(2) exclusive updates through the Members Access section of NJFSC’s website,

(3) member-only updates and notifications, including legislative alerts,

(4) the opportunity of making a presentation at one regular NJFSC membership meeting, and

(5) immediate access to the NJFSC professional staff.

I hope you give serious consideration to joining NJFSC and look forward to working with you in the upcoming year.  If you have any questions about becoming an Associate Member, please feel free to call NJFSC at (201) 797-2678 or by email at Also, please check out our website to learn more about our Association.

Click for the an Associate Membership Application. (Complete the form and send with your check to the NJFSC office.)

Please consider becoming an Associate Member of the NJFSC today!
Click for the Associate Membership Application.

I look forward to working with you.